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Food Grade Liquid Bulk Transportation

Pefferlaw Creek Farms now offers our tanker trucks for hire for the transportation of food industry bulk liquids and potable water!


We own and operate a fleet of tanker trucks dedicated exclusively for food grade transportation. Our trucks feature food grade stainless steel construction with sanitary stainless steel piping and food grade hoses. Tanks, piping and pumps are washed promptly and meticulously after each load to ensure the highest level of sanitation. High flow pumps with 3" piping and connections enable efficient liquid transfer. 


Our experienced and conscientious drivers offer the same high level of professionalism and care for your food grade liquids as we do for our own maple products!!!


Our load limits are the lesser of either:

Weight limit: 14,650 kilograms

Volume limit: 15,000 litres


Please contact us anytime for a quote:

John: (289) 221-5265

Gene: (437) 997-5481

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