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Our maple syrup is made from sap collected from a number of local sugar bushes. Though we tap mostly Sugar Maples, we also tap Red Maples. The terroir of the forests and the combination of maple sap that we harvest gives our syrup its unique flavour. We tap our trees in the mid-winter. With the spring thaw the sap will begin to flow. All of the taps are connected to a network of pipes that deliver the sap to a storage tank. From there, we use reverse osmosis to filter out water and to increase the sugar content of the sap.  In the final stage, we boil the sap to evaporate enough water to create maple syrup. The syrup is then filtered and poured into barrels. Alongside our love of making maple syrup, we have a strong commitment to final product quality, taking careful steps throughout the whole process to make sure the tastiest and highest quality product gets to your pancakes.So delicious!

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The final maple syrup product will range between 66 and 68% sugar (pure, natural maple sugar goodness!). Since the sap is coming out of the trees at about 2% sugar, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to bring it to the final sugar content. The syrup is then categorized by grade; from Golden (the very lightest) to Very Dark. In simplest terms, maple sap that is collected early in the maple syrup season will produce a Golden syrup and as the season progresses and temperature begins to increase, the sap will yield darker final syrup. Our maple syrup is organic. Standards for an organic certification for maple syrup guide with the way in which sap is harvested and processed. Organic certification requires sustainable tree tapping practices to ensure tree and forest health.  Organic certification also requires certain methods for cleaning sap collection lines, storage tanks, and the evaporator.  We are certified organic through Ecocert Canada and we are inspected yearly.

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Pefferlaw Creek Farms is also registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and our facilities are inspected annually by CFIA officials.

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